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All the ideas born in Urchin Systems, turned into demos, projects and even MVPs! Have an idea - pitch it, put a team together and let's get to work!


Flat is the platform, that allows to effective manage apartments, no matter you rent or sublet it. You can pay bills, anonymous chat between flats, vote for changes in whole building, in one place in future, this platform can transform in hotel/motel managing system.


Urchin Cipher is an Api for communication that does not store any data. Its main purpose is to be an open communication between multiple applications and provide cross-site communication. This serverless websocket broker could be easily implemented on your own architecture.


The main goal of our project is ``translate anything everywhere``. Do you want to copy or translate some text from a video lecture? Do you want to translate some text from an image? Maybe you want to translate a word from a scanned document? It's not a problem. Select the area with the target text and you will be able to copy and translate it. Do you usually forget the translation of a word? No problem - our app saves it for you.


We noticed that searching cheap and quality medicaments is a big problem, even if a person finds quality medicament almost every time he is losing a big sort of his money without even knowing it. Our product offers searching cheaper analog of popular medicaments and is specified for middle-class.


GiftWeave - a mobile app with a curated selection of gifts and giveable experiences. Powered by an AI and a speech recognition engine


Independent service for product searching from bunch of Moldavian online and not really shops. Everything in one place