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Urchin cyper


Urchin Cipher is an Api for communication that does not store any data

  1. The main purpose of this app is to provide an open communication opportunity between multiple applications and social networks
  2.  Leverage a cross-site communication between multiple users by provding separate channels and without storage of the data for security purposes
  3.  Consolidate the complex and different domains of communication in one place
  4.  Integration in all devices without using any additional plugins and software
  1. Provide a great opportunity to communicate between multiple applications and social networks regardless the platform and profiles that are being used
  2.  Less configurations during registration process for the end-user and more flexibility in usage
  3.  Forget about complex server setup, configurations and maintenance
  4.  Provide high performance, availability and good user-friendly, minimalist UI/UX design with “easy-to-start” option to communicate
  5.  Keep your data in safe mode and lack of necessity to use storage

URCHIN CYPER presentation:

Project team

Alex Kukushkin

Radu Ciubotaru

Ovidiu Rotari